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3524 NE 95th Street, Suite A
Seattle, WA 98115

(206) 524-6623

We offer a friendly, educational and nurturing environment for Preschool and Pre-K students in the northeast Seattle area. Christopher Robin & Friends Preschool is a high quality preschool that encourages early learning and the development of social skills through play, creative activities and other noncompetitive exercises. As professional educators, our teachers emphasize the growth of the child as a whole.


Wows & Wonders

Wows and Wonders

Our Wows and Wonders Program is included in our Monday through Friday Pre-K program. However, for all other Pre-K and Preschool classes, it presents itself as an opportunity for an extended day option. 


In the program, students are exposed to emerging literacy skills, number sense, scientific explorations and music and drama elements through hands-on activities, games, and experiments. The program helps foster a love for learning before children enter into elementary school, and better prepares them for success.